Why Cloud Computing Stops Storms From Stopping Your Business

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a general term for data and services that are accessed through shared networks of virtual hardware and servers rather than stored locally. The word “cloud” is used to reflect the fact that much of this information can be on a computer far away from the user and they do not need to have physical access to the hardware or be within a close distance, because they are accessing a virtual device. This model is beneficial to businesses because they can share resources without having to maintain their own large array of hardware to store information.

The Previous Model

Some businesses do still rely on an older model where local servers or other pieces of hardware are necessary for many core functions. While depending on local hardware is not necessarily an issue on its own, this can become problematic during storms or weather emergencies because hardware failure will essentially stop business operations altogether or cause significant data loss. By developing infrastructure independence with cloud technology, businesses receive an extra layer of protection for their data and can still access necessary services in the event of local hardware problems.

Storms and Other Disasters

Storms and severe weather are a significant source of expense and loss for many tech businesses. When a business essentially comes to a complete stop because of hardware failure or outages, the ability to bring in profits and perform essential tasks also stops. To avoid these kinds of losses, it may be necessary to invest in technology that allows for redundancy and continuity through the cloud. This means that alternative ways for employees to work are available even if a storm causes damage and outages to local infrastructure. Remember that cloud based services can essentially bypass local problems.

Transfer to The Cloud

For more information about cloud computing and how your business can benefit from the additional protection of having data stored in the cloud, contact Heiden Technology. The IT pros at Heiden provide a number of services related to network and data security for all kinds of tech businesses and they can provide specific information about how to protect your operations from storms.