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Need Rescue from
Slow, Frustrating IT Support Providers?

The Heiden team has helped dozens of Detroit  organizations switch to more secure, more responsive IT support, all without any additional costs.

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Zero Downtime

Our processes are built for seamless transitions. They're our specialty!

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No Interruptions

We've made switching to better IT a painless experience for everyone!

No Additional Costs

No-Risk Switch™ means your IT service improves while expenses stay the same!

Know When It's Time to Switch...

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Avoid the hassles, headaches, and sleepness nights that come with sub-par IT. Heiden Technology Solutions has cornered the Detroit market for “better IT” by taking the steps necessary to prove our commitment to results.

Our service level scores are viewable to the public, and we’ve earned the TISC-2020 certification that allows us to say that we’re among the most secure IT providers in the United States. With our No-Risk Switch™ migration option, there’s no reason for your organization to struggle with poor IT service one more day.

“Brandon followed up to let me know the issue was fixed and to make sure everything was working properly. Excellent service!!”

“Seems like you employ well paid competent people. When you’ve done that already, what could I possibly suggest.”

“No issues with my service. Brandon Mayo was prompt, efficient and very helpful. Thank you.”

Expertise That Fits Your Needs...

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Cloud-based medical records, high volume data storage, sophisticated diagnostics, HIPAA compliance, and patient care!

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ERM, ICS networks, CAD/CAM and machine controls. Our experience in the manufacturing sector makes it easy to keep you up and running!

Credit Unions

Your members deserve the best possible experience -- and next-level cybersecurity to protect their data (and their savings!)

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We can work with your existing staff to handle aspects of the campus’ technology needs -- or we can do it all for you!

Service Delivery Scorecard

Technology is great when it works.  When you have a problem, you want it fixed quickly and accurately.  At Heiden we believe in transparency and continually work to adapt our service model to get better.  Our Service Level Agreement ensures your service requests get handled in a timely manner.  Click the button to see our response times and customer survey results in real time.


Average Service Level Scores
Response Times
Goals Met or Exceeded 97.07%
Response Planning
Goals Met or Exceeded 99.58%
Resolution Times
Goals Met or Exceeded 99.58%

Everyone Benefits from Better IT!

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CEO / Owner

"Championing a security-minded IT partner means that I can sleep better at night knowing my data, intellectual property, and employees are protected."

CFO / Accounting

"Demonstrated increases in productivity and efficiency all for a fixed cost that fits nicely into the P&L. No nickel and diming or surprises."

Sales & Marketing

"Technology always works and is connected everywhere, every time. I can pull up a contract for a client on my device and get a signature from anywhere."


"Our systems/applications are all in sync and productivity is high. Regular backups (with monthly testing) ensure our data can be promptly restored in any 'worst-case scenario'."

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Remote Workers

"I can access all my work applications and data from any device, and I can do that securely and confidently each time. My remote devices stay up-to-date and my connection to the office is lightning fast."


"Our systems stay up and running 24/7, our machine controls and design software run flawlessly, and our products are sent out the door like clockwork -- to spec, through QC, and on time."

Michigan IT News

Technology Support You Can Count On!

"As a physician and a small business owner of a very busy ophthalmology practice my hands are often full with patient care and keeping up with the newest advances in medical treatments.

With an increasing dependency on technology, I identified a need for our practice beyond our current solutions. After researching and reaching out to several local and downstate IT firms, we decided on Heiden Technology Solutions.

I am very happy with the services and solutions Heiden Technology has provided my practice. They helped us upgrade and install new computers, upgrade our server and provided us onsite and remote IT support. We integrated a new Electronic medical records system, changed internet and phone providers, and received excellent service and advice for troubleshooting issues within our office network. They identified problems we were not even aware of that would have eventually caused havoc within the office. Heiden Technology has helped our business become more efficient and I would recommend their services to any growing business without reservations."
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Usha Bulusu