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Welcome to HEIDEN Technology Solutions

Heiden started as a small PC shop in 1994 with its first employee, Carl crawling under desks installing PCs. Today Heiden has grown into a 22+ employee secure IT provider specializing in providing network, data management, optimization, cybersecurity, and strategic technology consulting. Heiden helps businesses improve their efficiency, cut wasteful spending, and solve their technology challenges, opening NEW opportunities and fostering GROWTH for their clients. Heiden has received many awards for innovation, customer service and dedication to effective security and awareness. While we are confident in providing the best customer experience, our effectiveness is derived from our culture and core values.


Founders Carl & Julie Heiden
and Oakley

24/7/365 Support Desk!

Heiden Technology Solutions offers the highest quality technical support available in Michigan including: Managed Services for PCs and Servers, Managed Backup Services, with cloud backup, managed image backup, and backup disaster recovery (BDR) server, Hosted Services (Private Cloud), and most importantly our unique and highly qualified 24/7/365 support desk support and so much more click for more


Attention to Detail is a Priority

24x7x365 Monitoring

Identify and investigate exposed login credentials or pairs discovered directly linked to your business email domains or IP address details.

Overcome Password Reuse

Studies support evidence that individuals often reuse login credentials for at least 5 different applications at the same time. Overcome the risks related to bad passwords.

Alerts & Report Analytics

With 80,000+ domain compromises discovered daily, access reporting and analytics on industry trends and evolving risks and take preventative actions to avoid cyber threats.

Proactive Prevention

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly inevitable. However, implementing Dark Web Monitoring will help reduce the risks and threats caused by exposed employee credentials.

IT Toolkit for IT Departments

Our device management tools are designed to supplement where needed for IT Departments or can help smaller customers where end to end coverage is needed. We provide products that we have tested and verified operation. We have simplified operations through unified dashboards and simplified alerting.

Powerful Ticketing System & Notebooks


Patch and OS Version Management


Asset Tracking and Reporting


Our IT Team is Your SOLUTION!

Industries Served

  • Credit Unions
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Law / Legal

Full List of IT Services

  • Managed IT Services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud & Hosting
  • Hardwave Services
  • Professional IT Services
  • Office Technology

Everyone Benefits

  • CEO / Owner
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Remote Workers
  • CFO / Accounting
  • Operation & Production




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