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White House: “Check Your Security Team’s Work”

Our government is finally taking a more serious look at cybersecurity, and some IT providers are seeing this as a sign of the end times for their operations.

A greater nationwide cybersecurity posture should be a good thing, right? Why would IT professionals be concerned about a greater focus on protecting our businesses, government agencies, and other organizations?

Because more attention means more scrutiny — and many IT companies and managed service providers are not prepared for it. Some IT providers struggle to pass even the most basic compliance audits, so the thought of regulation from above is practically a death sentence.

As IT professionals, we find it unsettling how the industry has exploded into so much worry and hand wringing almost overnight. If so many hundreds — maybe even thousands — of IT companies are panicking over cybersecurity today, what does that mean about how they’ve run their operations and secured their clients up until now?

Heiden Technology Solutions has always taken a proactive stance on cybersecurity. That’s why we worked with security expert Jason Rorie and his firm to have our policies, internal practices, and solutions evaluated and tested. That’s why we became the first IT provider in the country to earn the TISC-2020 certification for cybersecurity.

In a recent White House open letter, several suggestions were given to U.S. organizations to better protect themselves. Among those suggestions was “check your security team’s work”.

When you’re outsourcing your IT, that means checking your IT company’s work. Does your IT provider have a means to prove that they’re taking all necessary steps to ensure your security? Are they able to prove that they, themselves, are secure?

These are questions that must be asked because many large-scale cyberattacks have been initiated through an IT provider who didn’t take security seriously enough.

Our security team can answer the above questions and show the proof. The runbook of evidence that we needed to earn our TISC-2020 certification alone contains over 200 pages of documented practices and policies. From physical security to backups, monitoring to response, we’re able to prove that we’re among the most security-focused IT providers in the country.

Many Detroit organizations have chosen to partner with us in light of the recent focus on cybersecurity. If you’re looking to switch to a more secure solution, our team makes it simple and painless.

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