Webroot: The Antivirus You Should Be Using

We get asked a lot, “What antivirus does Heiden use and why?”  After switching AV vendors last year we have been extremely pleased with Webroot. 

There are a laundry list of benefits which are too long for this post, but I will highlight a few.  The first benefit of Webroot is the install footprint.  Most antivirus programs require considerable hard drive space and system resources while scanning.  Webroot is 1MB in file size to install.  It’s considerably smaller in install size compared to other popular AV products including Avast and Symantec End Point Protection.  Due to the small install size, Webroot also is light on system resources when running scans, which means you can continue to do work without having your computer slowing down to a crawl.

Another great feature of Webroot is the GSM, Global System Manager.  The GSM gives Heiden technicians a global view of all customer accounts where they can instantly see what versions of Webroot are installed, number of devices, number of threats and etc.  From here, the technicians can drill down to an individual device where they can do a remote scan, review potential threats and even restart a PC if necessary.  If the customer requests, technicians can run reports that show statistics on total threats blocked, potential threats, commonly quarantined files and more.  Heiden can even provision limited admin access of the GSM so the customer can have more oversight on their protected devices.  If that wasn’t enough we can create custom policies to suit the needs of the customer because not all customers are alike and we want Webroot to work for you, not against you.

The last benefit of Webroot is it offers technician training programs.  Every help desk technician is Webroot Technical certified, which we have on display at our office.  You can view this anytime by visiting us, which we encourage, so we can discuss more on why Webroot is the only antivirus you should have running on your computer!

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