Wait! Is the content of that email safe to open???

No one wants to be the person that brings business to a halt because they opened a suspicious email and infected the computer system. So, here are a couple of tips to think about before you click that link.


  1. Look at the sender. Do you recognize who they are? Are you expecting an email from them?
  2. Hover over the link. The full link should appear, is it taking you where it says it will? More importantly do you recognize where it is directing you?
  3. Look at the file type of an attachment. Anything with an .exe file, generally, should not be opened. Or a file type of a normal sort (.php, .xls, or .php) with an m following it like .phpm, this signals for a file containing a macro, which can be potentially hazardous.
  4. Look at the content Itself. The number of reported phishing attempts have increased a lot in recent years, if you receive an email from someone you know, but something sounds off (like wiring them money through western union) it probably isn’t them. Double check and call the person. Additionally, any legitimate business like FedEx or UPS won’t have you “download and run” an attachment from an email.
  5. Be skeptical. You can never be too sure when it comes to online safety, if it looks sketchy, don’t click on it or download it. It never hurts to double check on personal emails from people, running an antivirus scan, and just deleting an email.

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