Understanding IT

cyber threat glossary

Heiden Technology Solutions’ IT Threat Glossary

Understand what threats are in store for your business.

windows 10

Introducing Windows 10

What you need to know about upgrading and using Windows 10.

business continuity saginaw

Understanding Business Continuity

A structured data backup and recovery plan could save your business.

server 2003 eol

Windows Server 2003: End of Support

Windows Server 2003 has passed its end-of-life date. Does your business still need help adjusting to this change?


The Internet of Things (IoT)

What does it mean for your business?

cybersecurity in Detroit

What is Network Security?

Maximize your business' information security (infosec) posture to minimize risk and ensure business continuity.

sox compliance

Understanding SOx

Compliance for financial professionals and accountants.

bring your own device to work

Understanding BYOD Policies

Mobile strategies for IT security in a world of remote workers and BYOD.

PCI compliance

Understanding PCI DSS

Solutions for companies searching for a secure interface.

Windows XP End of Life

Everything comes to an end...eventually.

hipaa compliance specialist

Understanding HIPAA

Understanding HIPAA Laws for the secure and private transfer of individual’s medical information.

Understanding the Cloud

Free yourself from traditional IT with Cloud Services.

Get to Know Windows 10

The latest Windows operating system promises to change the way we look at software.

Understanding the Modern Office

Build a more productive business through the better use of technology.

tisc 2020 msp

Understanding TISC-2020 Certification

How Heiden Technology Solutions can prove we're among the most secure IT providers in the country.