The Ultimate Video Conferencing Tool: BlueJeans with Dolby Voice – Huddle Kits

If you find yourself in the situation of scratchy video feeds, poor audio connection or subpar video quality, it might be time to upgrade your video conferencing system. With technology becoming more and more complicated every day, simplicity, reliability, and convenience helps set the BlueJeans Huddle Kit apart from its competitors.

User Simplicity

The BlueJeans Huddle Kit offers users simplicity in setting up, operating, and maintaining the devices and software. To start, users just set up a BlueJeans account, schedule a meeting with the calendar extension, and finally start the meeting from a phone, computer, or conference room. In three simple steps, users are face to face with who they need to be with.


BlueJeans also offers unprecedented reliability for users and administrators. Administrators have access to real time analytics that show most active users, endpoint distribution, and the option of live meeting control. This can all be accessed in the Command Center that also helps administrators track the ROI of the system for the organization. Administrators can also use Command Center platform to track and manage issues and determine root causes.

Platform Accessibility

The convenience of BlueJeans also adds to the appeal of this video conferencing solution. Users can access this software from a variety of options; by phone, conference room, or computer. This makes the application of this solution easier to adopt for end users and even easier to utilize their preferred way to video conference. Additionally, this helps users and businesses alike that may not always have access to a conference room and phone that many other video conferencing tools rely on.

Audio Quality

One of the premier aspects of this huddle kit combination is the Dolby partnership. The Dolby audio truly differentiates the system by adding top of the line audio capabilities to an already premier video conferencing software. With this feature, users no longer have to be in a quiet conference room because the technology eliminates background noise and isolates the words of the speaker, which makes the audio clean regardless of your surroundings. Additionally, the Dolby voice technology makes the audio of the meeting that much more authentic.

To summarize, the BlueJeans platform and the Dolby voice technology facilitate authentic and reliable meetings that come as close to face to face as technology can get you. The BlueJeans Huddle Kit is truly the ultimate video conferencing tool for businesses today.

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