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software services

A Full Suite of Software Services to Reduce Expenses and Increase Productivity

Your business relies on software solutions for daily operations. These solutions are intended to improve the performance of the organization when they are set up and managed correctly. We offer a full set of services to assist you with Microsoft products, CRM solutions, document management, Intranet solutions and identity management.

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Increased Productivity with an Intranet Solution

Get everyone working together.

Your company Intranet is a central hub where everyone can go to collaborate on documents, work together on projects, and exchange ideas. If you are frequently running into productivity issues due to missing links in communication, document management, or project collaboration, you business could benefit a great deal from an Intranet solution.

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Services & Features:

microsoft office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Get what you need with variable payment options.

For small and midsized businesses, the Microsoft Office productivity suite is a staple in your software cupboard. Spend a fraction of the cost for the entire Microsoft Office productivity suite, and with it, get some of the most revolutionary collaboration tools available.

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microsoft sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint

Streamlined collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint is widely used as a powerful business collaboration platform for many of the world’s most successful organizations. It provides a dynamic, cost-effective solution for organizations that are looking to add robust collaborative capabilities to their workflow.

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microsoft sql server

Microsoft SQL Server

Improve Your Data Platform Microsoft’s SQL Server.

With Microsoft’s SQL Server, you gain a comprehensive cloud-based solution designed to improve the way your applications perform in the work environment, while simultaneously allowing for quick and easy data analysis for your organization.

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microsoft partner network

Microsoft Partner Network

Microsoft-Certified Solutions for Your Business.

As a leader in the software industry, Microsoft is well-known for providing quality products and solutions for small businesses. Heiden Technology Solutions can proudly say we are Microsoft-certified resellers, providing tried and true products and services for our clients.

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CRM Sales Process

The proliferation of dynamic cloud solutions can be a major benefit for your business.

Manage your current and future customers with a comprehensive customer relationship management solution. By instituting a reliable CRM solution, your sales team will be able to have remote and mobile access to all the information they need to close a sale on the go.

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Document Management

Manage your Files electronically.

Heiden Technology Solutions has a solution to handle your company’s information. We offer a comprehensive document management solution as a repository to help you streamline your business and improve the speed of productivity. Our technicians will develop a solution based on your needs.

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Identity Management

Easily manage accounts and access.

With Heiden Technology Solutions’s Identity Management solution you’ll add a powerful and affordable solution to manage user access. Maintaining data security is crucial for any company. As a small business owner, if data is compromised, it may just be enough to hurt your organization.

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Intranet Solutions

Improve Inter-Office Collaboration.

In Intranet is a central location where all of your employees are able to exchange ideas, documents, and other collaborative information. An intranet allows your business to function at high capacity by providing your team with a common avenue for all information they might need.

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