If Your IT Provider Isn't Secure,
You're Not Secure...

The headlines speak for themselves. Many IT providers aren't holding up their end of the cybersecurity bargain. Even if they're selling cybersecurity to their clients, their own security posture can be the weak link:

This leaves organizations like yours stuck asking all the questions. The most important being "Is my IT provider as secure as they say they are?"

And how would you even know, really? When every cybersecurity provider and IT company under the sun is claiming to be an expert, who can you really believe?

It's a very real problem for businesses that choose to outsource their IT services. And even we at Heiden Technology Solutions (who have been in business for almost 30 years) weren't sure how to prove the strength of our security posture to our clients without walking them through hours of complicated explanations and procedural documents.

It turns out that there wasn’t an easy way for us to prove it — not without sounding like every other IT provider making claims about their cybersecurity. We needed someone else to prove it for us. An impartial judge outside of our organization.

We realized that when we met Jason Rorie, CEO of MSP Overwatch. His company was built for one purpose -- to objectively test the security of IT providers and issue certifications to those who pass a rigorous set of standards.

Jason Rorie, CSIE, MCSE, C|EH, CISM, CCSP, CISSP and former U.S. Navy Network Engineer

We knew that getting the certification was not a trivial task. In order for the MSP Overwatch certification to be as meaningful as possible, their testing board had to cover a lot important information security issues. Hardware, software, physical security, hiring policies, response protocols, 24/7 monitoring…all told there were almost 60 controls that we had to address. None of those controls were satisfied until we submitted evidence to be personally reviewed by Mr. Rorie.

It took weeks for us to get all of our documentation submitted and reviewed, but the end result was well worth it:

Not only were we awarded our TISC-2020 Certification, Heiden Technology Solutions was the first major IT provider to complete their third-party evaluation!

We’re proud of this accomplishment. It provides unequaled peace-of-mind to both our clients and for business owners who have been looking for a trustworthy, secure IT provider.

Want to learn more? You can read about MSP Overwatch and the TISC-2020 Certification on their website.

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