Education IT

IT Services for Schools in Michigan (and Beyond!)

Understanding the unique technology needs of Michigan schools and colleges.

At Heiden Technology Solutions, we understand the unique technology needs and challenges Michigan schools and colleges face. Our expertise in IT Services for education cover all aspects of a school’s technology demands. 

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A Proactive Approach to Your School’s Technology

A reliable network means school administrators get to focus on what matters most, not troubleshooting technology issues.

Students, teachers and administrators can’t accomplish their learning, teaching and productivity goals without a reliable network. If essential systems go down on a regular basis, no one gets anything done and students can’t learn effectively.

This is why it’s so important to take a proactive approach to your school’s technology. After the deployment of your school’s technology, our team works to proactively support and maintain your school’s technology infrastructure so that your faculty and students experience less downtime, and more time being productive.

Improved Reliability and Scalability

A school’s technology needs to be able to adapt and evolve quickly with the demands of the students and faculty.

We can design and build a reliable and scalable network for the needs of your school using Cloud Desktops. This technology delivers several powerful benefits:

  • Deliver your essential programs via a cloud environment to save money and offer a consistent user experience across a range of Internet-enabled devices
  • Centralize network resources for faculty and students so they can easily access essential software
  • Improve mobility so people can work and learn from the most comfortable and convenient locations to them
  • Support one set of centralized systems rather than spreading your attention across multiple computer labs, classrooms and offices
  • Harden your security measures against the cyber threats facing schools

We Can Supplement Your College or School’s Current IT Staff

Another common struggle is not having a big enough IT team to cover all of the demands on their time.

A 24/7 Help Desk and network infrastructure support team assists the current staff with vital services. As your in-house team has a more manageable workload, they can use proactive support practices to create a stronger, more reliable infrastructure. We work alongside them to fill skill gaps and provide extra staffing on-demand.

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